Burgundy Roots is proud to be the first and only group hosting Halal-friendly retreats in Jamaica. Contrary to popular opinion, the island isn’t just comprised of ‘resorts’. Our philosophy is simple: we believe that authentic, enriching travel has transformative powers, and that everyone should be able to experience the spiritual and emotional growth it brings.  We create safe, soulful, spiritual and story-worthy travel experiences and we want every journey to be blessed with social, spiritual and sustainable stories. We do not stay in foreign-owned resorts, instead we only support locally-owned businesses and ‘bed & breakfasts.’

Did you know that for every $100 a tourist spends in the Caribbean only $20 stays in the local economy? The majority of resorts are foreign-owned false environments, foreign to a native lifestyle. They are islands within islands. The majority of food served at resorts is not locally grown, and this is extremely harmful to the farming industry on the island. The environmental impact of tourism has also taken its toll on multiple islands.

We firmly believe in enriching the islands and contributing positively to its local economy, even if it sometimes means paying more. Our goal is to share with you the real Jamaica we know and love; we’re creating a unique chemistry of people and places to dissolve ignorance and illuminate the spiritual richness of a unique and influential culture.

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