About Burgundy Roots

Burgundy signals magnificence. It appeals to our inner regality, stirring us to reclaim our best selves. In this spirit we invite you to experience  more than an “escape.” This is a path to enriching yourself while giving back to local communities.  This is a chance to ground yourself in a graceful adventure and, through it, discover universal roots.

Our primary retreat is based in Jamaica. Every excursion is carefully designed to give you genuine exposure to true culture and nature. Our goal is to curate a spiritual, holistic and yet adventurous experience for you—this won’t be about all-day tanning, gift shop rasta hats and beachside braids. And of course there’s nothing wrong with those things, we just want to rejuvenate you in an extraordinary way, in a way that is unique and leaves a lifelong impression.  



Wafa Aouchiche was born and raised in Northern-Africa, Algeria. She is a French and history teacher by profession and a trained yoga instructor.

Wafa has travelled alone since the age of 21, she has taught English in Peru and the West Bank and has taken her passion for travels a step further when she began organizing a variety of retreats in the Jamaican countryside.

Formerly known as Sip of Love Retreats, Burgundy Roots was founded in March 2015 and continues to expand and organize adventurous, conscious and eco-friendly retreats. The goal is to experience local culture and  enjoy nature’s sights and sounds. Taking care of one’s body during travels is very important to us, which is why we decided to infuse our retreats with a variety of physical activities: yoga, walking, hiking & swimming. We believe that a relaxed and healthy body enhances one’s traveling experience and life in general.

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