Burgundy Roots | Jamaica Dreaming
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Jamaica Dreaming


Our Jamaica Dreaming Retreat is an opportunity for you to relax, rejuvenate, learn, free up and enjoy Jamaica’s laissez-faire atmosphere. The country is rich in culture, spiritual energy, food and natural landscapes. We promise you an authentic and local experience where you’ll enjoy both the inner and outer beauty of the island. Enjoy 9 days of outdoor activities and cultural exchanges with local communities. Please note that our retreat is open to couples, singles as well as families.

Activities include:

-Blue Mountains

-Bob Marley Museum
-Stush in the Bush farm visit
-Holywell National Park
-Rasta Camp & local mosque visits
-Blue Lagoon, 7 Mile Beach & waterfalls!


8 Nights, 9 days (21st to 29th July 2018).

Price: 1950 US$