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Burgundy Roots is not just a traveling experience; it is a way of giving back to humanity while enriching one’s self; for we cannot give if we are empty. It is not an exotic experience filled with fantasies, flying Tajines and genies. It is life at its simplest, purest and rawest form. It is an artisan’s alleyway in Fez or a Rastaman in Jamaica carrying on with his daily struggles. We seek to accompany and host travelers who carry a strong sense of awareness and gratefulness. Travel with heart open and spirit ready!


Our retreats are small and initmate

(6-8 people max)


They range from sightseeing to Yoga/Pilates retreats, as well as couples or friends retreats.


We rovide a beauiful home in the country, airport pick up and dropoff, delicious food as well as a private driver and tour-guide to take you anywhere around the isand.

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